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Rainforest & Talisman is an independent bespoke villa rental company with a selection of chic and high-end luxury holiday homes located across serene parts in North of Goa. Our priority lies in catering to your every need to celebrate the very essence of you, from delivering services curated to your liking to creating extraordinary holiday experiences, we’re there for you at every step. Villas not only add a sense of grandeur to your stay but also a high sense of prerogative of self. The perfect marriage of luxury with comfort, exclusivity and security. We make sure that each villa is professionally cleaned and inspected, adhering to Covid-19 norms.


We have a diverse range of villas starting from 2 bedrooms going up to 11 bedrooms, each has its own story to tell and are hand-picked by us. Each villa has professionally managed and highly trained individuals at your disposal. We excel at giving you the best of guest experiences with our exceptional team who will cater to your every need, be it high quality salon services or some lip smacking food that you’re craving, it shall be brought to you at the comfort of your villa. All villas come with unparalleled amenities, ample green cover, the pool, caretakers and a suite of on-demand services provided by Rainforest & Talisman second to none in the luxury pool villa segment.

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Rainforest & Talisman Property Management (RFTPM) was established in 2016 and has been Goa’s leading luxury villa rental company. Apart from exceptional guest experiences, RFTPM provides discerning travellers with an artful selection of luxury homes to enhance their travels. Quality being the key highlight of your stay with us, each villa endows lavishness, comfort, privacy and security. Each villa is well equipped with modern facilities and a highly trained staff to cater to your every need.


We believe in providing luxury and dispensing it with necessities it demands. Keeping that in mind our experiences are profoundly personalised to our guest’s liking. Goa is a paradise which moulds itself into the recipient’s desire, whether one wants serenity, calm and belongingness or to embark on an adventure. Our goal is to give you your version of Goa with intuitive hospitality, stellar service and attention to detail.


Every villa showcases its own self through distinct handpicked bespoke furniture, lush greenery, pastel hues of comfort, ambient pools, open spaces, verandahs and rich tapestry of the Goan sky. With us you not only plan an unique soulful experience but also indulge in reconnecting with yourself through all the pampering we offer.